Exploring Beautiful Singapore

Singapore doesn’t really have a reputation as a “beautiful” city. When I tell people that I live here, they mostly think of business and trading, which is something the city does have a reputation for. But there’s a lot more to Singapore than most people realize, and the city is beautiful, if you know where to go and what to look for.

Today, I want to showcase some of my favorite places in Singapore to relax, enjoy natural (and sometimes artificial) beauty, and experience what this dynamic city that is, for now, my adopted home has to offer.

Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay is a 101 acre park development close to the center of Singapore. It’s the most amazing park I’ve ever seen. The whole experience of visiting is hard to describe. Think of your typical city park, then multiply it by 100, then pretend you’re on LSD when you visit. There are three different gardens, and they all range from being quite traditional to being super modern and impressive. I spent over two hours walking around and exploring this space, getting a great feel for the garden and really improving my mood. If you want to escape the business feel of Singapore, which is something I know bugs a lot of people, go here!

Singapore Zoo

I know it might sound silly to list a zoo as a “beautiful” place, but Singapore Zoo is frankly very impressive and a great place to escape from the busy city to. It’s easy to get there on the MRT and the amount of animals and exhibits is amazing, especially when you consider that Singapore really isn’t that big of a city.

I always hesitate to visit zoos in other countries, because sometimes the treatment of animals is really terrible and cruel. However, Singapore Zoo is totally cruelty-free and the people that maintain the zoo seem to really care for the animals there. I was even more impressed than by many zoos and safari parks I’ve been to in the USA and some other countries. If you have kids, bring them here! They will love it!

Orchard Road

Ok, people can excuse me for listing the zoo as a beautiful place, but many people will consider listing Orchard Road as beautiful as an unforgivable sin. For those of you that don’t live here or haven’t visited, Orchard Road is Singapore’s shopping area. It’s a popular street near the city center with super huge shopping malls and more designer stores than you can find anywhere else in Asia.

Is it beautiful? To me it is. I love to shop and can easily spend all day exploring the huge malls on Orchard Road. Since there are lots of great food courts around here, Orchard is also a great place to eat local Singaporean food and international cuisine. Even if you don’t like shopping, strolling up and down the pedestrian-friendly street is a fun way to get a feel for the commercial side of Singapore, which in a way is part of the city’s character and personality.

Where is your favorite place to explore, relax or escape in Singapore?