Nespresso in Singapore: Where and How to Buy

Nespresso came to Singapore several years ago, but it didn’t become the “big thing” in coffee until the last few years. Before I used to have to search far and wide to find coffee capsules, whereas now it’s almost impossible to go to a mall or shopping area without seeing at least one Nespresso stand. They are even setting up product demos inside department stores now to sell more machines.

I’ve had a Nespresso Inissia ever since it was first available here and I love it. Yes, the coffee is more expensive than what you would pay to make a cup of instant coffee yourself. No, it doesn’t quite live up to the top cafes in terms of quality. But in terms of convenience and simplicity (NO CLEAN UP!) Nespresso is unbeatable.

There are several places to buy Nespresso capsules and equipment in Singapore. I’ve listed the ones that I know of below. This is by no means a complete list, since I haven’t had time to visit every mall in the city to look for Nespresso capsules, so please think of it as a general list based on my shopping habits.

Nespresso Shops

There are several Nespresso stores in Singapore where you can buy machines and capsules. Most of them will also let you taste test the flavors before you buy, which is a fun way to get a caffeine buzz in the store and avoid having to go to the cafe for a cup of coffee. Nespresso has a store locator for Singapore here with the locations of all of the stores. I’ve also listed them below:

  • Nespresso Boutique ION ORCHARD. No explanation required, this one is easy to find inside ION ORCHARD.
  • Nespresso Boutique TAKASHIMAYA. Another easy one to find, this store is located in the basement of Takashimaya department store.
  • Nespresso Boutique RAFFLES CITY. No surprise again, this store is inside RAFFLES CITY at 252 North Bridge Road.
  • Nespresso Pop-up PARKWAY PARADE. If you live around Marine Parade and don’t want to go all the way into the city, you can also buy Nespresso equipment and capsules from this store at 80 Marine Parade Road.


The quickest and easiest way to get Nespresso capsules delivered in Singapore is to just order them online. The Singapore Nespresso store has all of the usual selection with free delivery for orders of $70SGD or more. This is normally what I do, which means I get a fresh delivery of capsules every second month.

Another option is to buy them from Amazon. I usually use Best Nespresso Capsules to compare the flavors and order them in packs of 50. This costs less than buying them locally, but only if you buy in bulk. If you only get one or two packs, the shipping fees outweigh the potential savings. It’s best to compare the cost from the Singapore Nespresso website and Amazon before you buy, then pick the best deal. Amazon usually takes less than a week to deliver to Singapore if you pay for the fast shipping option.

Good luck and enjoy your coffee! Getting a Nespresso machine has made my morning routine much quicker. Yes, it costs a little more, but in my opinion it’s worth it to be out the door quickly and not have to worry about cleaning up!

My Favorite Hotel in Bangkok

Hi all,

I’ve just spent a few days in Bangkok, Thailand on a short trip. I had a surprisingly fun four days, even though the city itself wasn’t my favorite place of the many big cities I’ve visited so far. I had visited Bangkok before but only for a day and never got a chance to look around the city much. This time I had far more free time and got a chance to explore more.

Before I get into exploring, I want to share a review of my hotel. I stayed at the S31 Hotel, which is a boutique luxury hotel on the city’s main commercial road. It was fantastic! I have stayed in many luxury hotels from all of the big “brand names” in the industry over the years, and never likes the feel of the large, palatial hotels that are easy to find in most big cities.

S31 is a small hotel, and it has a really unique and modern feeling. The entire hotel is very modern and has a chic feel that you don’t get at the InterContinental or Hyatt. It’s also a short walk from the nearest Skytrain station and close to two large shopping malls, making it very convenient if (like me) you want to explore the city instead of spending all your life inside your hotel room.

If you’re staying in Bangkok and want to spend your time somewhere convenient, in a stylish setting, and in a refreshingly spacious room (especially compared to Singapore), then give S31 a try! By the way, expect more posts on my time in Bangkok, including the city’s many negatives, in the coming days.

How I Hold Myself Accountable for Fitness

I strongly believe the key to success at getting fit is consistency. I work out hard every day, so I get great results. But if I worked out even harder sometimes and then took other days off to relax and eat unhealthy food, my results wouldn’t be as good, even though I might work harder on some specific days.

Consistency is key. I keep myself consistent by using a really simple system that is apparently used by Jerry Seinfeld for writing (Seinfeld actually denies using this, and says it’s just something he heard about online).

Here’s a link to the system.

It’s very simple. All you do is hang up a calendar on the wall or near your desk and put a big X on the calendar for every day you achieve your goal. Your goal can be something super simple like doing an easy workout, walking for 20 minutes, writing something, or whatever you want to do. I keep my goals simple, like eating three healthy meals per day or working out for one hour in the evening.

If you achieve the goal, you put a big X on the calendar. The next day, you just need to do the same thing. It becomes a challenge to keep the chain going, but the goal is to make sure there’s a big X on the calendar for every single day of the week. I take weekends off and let myself have Saturday and Sunday without any big red X marks on my calendar, since working out and eating clean every day tires me out and I causes me to lose motivation over the long run.

So there – that’s the simple system I use to hold myself accountable for my health and fitness. You can also apply this to doing your work, studying for an exam, learning a language, or anything else. I love this system because of the simplicity and the visual reminder of the importance of achieving your goals that the calendar creates.