My Weight Loss Secret: Meal Prep!

As many of you may know, I’m a total health enthusiast. I’m also a serious sugar addict. If you put something sweet in front of my I just can’t control myself — no matter how unhealthy I know it is (and I know, believe me) I will take one bite, then another, and then another until the entire meal is finished.

That’s why I want to share one of my secrets to how I lose weight without giving in to the sweet temptation of sugary, fatty foods. The one change that’s had the biggest impact on my life is preparing my own meals at home and taking them with me to work, to the mall, and out to see friends.

Meal prep is something I started doing a year ago, and it’s made a huge difference yo my life. First, I’ve lost more than 15 pounds since I started preparing my own meals. That’s a HUGE difference, I really want to tell you. It’s especially obvious in my face and I’ve gotten so many compliments from people about how I look. Believe my, 15 lbs if you aren’t overly large is a LOT of weight to lose.

When I started doing meal prep, I would make a day’s worth of food at night and keep it to eat the next day. This worked well but the only problem is that it’s very time consuming. If you don’t have free time, it’s easy to let it slip until the next morning, then feel lazy and decide to just order your food at a restaurant instead.

Big mistake. You’ll gain unnecessary calories from the restaurant food, and you’ll feel so bad about it afterwards.

What I do now is I buy meal prep containers in bulk. This way, I have 50 containers that I can use however and whenever I want. I also prepare of my meals on Sunday so I have enough food to last for the entire week. Since a week is a long time to keep food in the fridge, I refrigerate Monday and Tuesday’s meals, then freeze the rest and thaw them out in the fridge the night before I want to eat them.

This way, I’m totally in control of how many calories I eat and how much fat, sugar, carbohydrates and protein I eat. The food I make is also delicious; don’t let anyone tell you that healthy food isn’t tasty.

So there you go. If you’re like me and you struggle to resist delicious food but you really want to slim down and lose weight, give meal prep a try. It’s worked amazingly well for me.

Weekend Trip to Pattaya

I just got back from a lovely weekend trip to Pattaya, which is about two hours away from Bangkok by car. I had always written off Pattaya as a holiday destination because of its rather seedy reputation, but to my surprise I had a great time.

I stayed at the Hilton Pattaya, which has the most amazing view over Pattaya Bay. The hotel is located on top of a shopping center called Central Festival Pattaya, which is just like most of the Central malls in Bangkok. It’s great – really convenient since you can stay and dine in the hotel and shop and watch movies at the mall below.

Here’s the view from the room:


Isn’t it gorgeous? There’s also a jacuzzi on the terrace, which I never used because the daytime temperature is so hot. I booked the hotel from Guest Friendly Hotels in Pattaya, which lists all of the good hotels in Pattaya for couples by area. The Hilton is a little bit expensive, but it’s worth it for a nice weekend. Overall, hotels in Pattaya are slightly cheaper than Bangkok and in my experience, the rooms feel ever so slightly more spacious. Maybe it’s just the sea view!

Anyway, one of the best things about Pattaya is the dining. I always thought Pattaya was just full of bars, but it actually has some of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to in Thailand. I especially loved Casa Pascal, which is on 2nd road. Great food and a nice atmosphere.

Looking forward to returning again soon…

Simple Outfit Ideas for Summer in Southeast Asia

Summer’s here, and it’s as hot as you would expect. If you haven’t lived in a tropical country before, you will struggle to think of how hot it can get in Southeast Asia from April until September. If you have, you’ll know exactly how hard it can be just to make it through the day in such incredible heat.

In Singapore, it’s not so bad because of the proximity to the sea, but it can still be a major annoyance to find clothes that fit well and do their best to reduce the effects of the heat.

Need help finding some? I’ve put together some simple outfit ideas for summer based on my own style and favorites.

Easy and simple. This type of clothes is popular with tourists and locals alike, especially in May and June when the temperature will peak. Light top and short shorts keep you cool, while flat sandals are perfect for spending time visiting malls and out and about without getting painful feet.

Perfect if you want to go hiking or exploring. I would wear this to the zoo, out for a road trip, or for any summer outdoor activities. Since the top is quite thin and might show too much, a pair of nipple covers could help here.

The belt for this outfit example is super thick — not something I would recommend for everyone. If you want something thinner, I recommend something like a Timberland rugged belt, which is, in my opinion, the best belt for jeans on the market for under $50.

Another nice alternative, especially if you prefer long pants to shorts. A good choice for at the end of summer, when it starts to get cooler and the breeze makes wearing shorts out after sunset less comfortable.

Which of these outfits is your favorite?

Two Days in Bangkok, Not My Favorite City

Sorry for constantly blogging about Thailand. I haven’t moved, but over the last two months I’ve spent very little time at home and spent most of my free time in Thailand and Vietnam. I actually just returned home from Bangkok, where I spent two days chilling out in my hotel room after having dental surgery.

The surgery (By the way, is this the right word to use? Maybe “procedure” is more correct) was porcelain veneers. I have hated my teeth for years and always wanted to get them fixed, but the cost at home is huge and in Singapore it’s not much better. I ended up flying to Bangkok, using a dental company there that works with foreign customers, and then flying back once I had recovered.

Results? No pictures yet, but I will provide an update very shortly. My experience with the dentist was great, and their service was fantastic, but I once again remembered why I could never live in Bangkok. Getting to and from the dentist’s office (which was maybe ten miles from my hotel, at most) was a multi-hour journey in the city’s horrible traffic. I really do believe most people in Bangkok spend more of their lives inside their cars than they do outside them. It seems totally impossible to go anywhere in that city without running into traffic.

So, dentistry in Bangkok fairly good. Traffic, not so much. I look forward to returning in the future (and going to some other destinations in Thailand — Phuket coming up shortly) but even after experiencing the city’s great food and beautiful temples, I have no desire to live in a city with Bangkok’s traffic ever in my life.